Uniquely carnival procession giant penis in Japan

Uniquely carnival procession giant penis in Japan

Day festival is usually the first Sunday of April, takes place from 11 am to 18h.


Độc đáo lễ hội rước dương vật khổng lồ tại Nhật Bản


Mascot of the festival is the object steel giant penis.

The strange name of the festival makes people do not seem at first startled surprise. Not meaning vulgar, festival of the gas south of Japan are sourced activities to worship ancestors forging steel, steel has crafted a model of the gas men, killing demons Data specializes in harassing the villagers. But over time, the festival gradually variations of Prayer, for themselves, for peace.


The main activity is the procession mascot (giant penis), exhibiting artifacts simulation penis made of wood, steel, or vegetables.


Watermelon radish and manicured modeled mascot.

Visit the festival, visitors will admire and enjoy the dishes are made under the "Your", as these types of lollipops, cakes. In addition, the festival's mascot icons for tourists posing for pictures together !!!




The girl posing with wooden penis model.

Throughout the festival is the dance performances by local tradition combined with marching drum ritual. The climax of the festival is the procession of three palanquin display model of the gas south of the temple after marching around the city.





Today, the festival was held to raise awareness of people about the disease AIDS.


The participants are very excited about the festival.



For tourists it is a very unique festival.

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